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God's Living Truth

A Point to Ponder...


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 If Everyday Could Be Christmas

 GOD on The Mountain

 Never Praise HIM Enough

 Thank You LORD for Saving Me

  Ride Out Your Storm

 Every Thing HE Touches

 What a Meeting In The Air

  /A> You Gave Me Love

 Where Ever HE leads Me

  One Pair Of Hands

 He Will Calm Troubled Waters

 One Day At A time

  HIS hand Reached Out For Me

   Me And Jesus

  No One Understands Like Jesus

  Flowers For Momma

  Via Dolorosa

  Till The Storm Passes...

\  May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You

  All Alone....

  I Can Only Imagine...

 I've Got JESUS in My Soul

  God Bless The USA

 God's Gonna Move A Mountian

   By Faith

 Wonderful World

  We Need GOD In America Again

  Where Could I Go.....

  If You See My Savior...

 We'll Never Grow Old

  Far Above Riches (for Mom)

  Whisper Jesus

  Garden Of My Heart

   I'll Rise Again

   Scars In The Hands Of Jesus

  You Raise Me up

  The Lords Last Supper

  How Beautiful Heaven Must Be...

  You Are My Hiding Place

   You Chose To Be My Friend

  A Heartbeat From Heaven

  The Splendor Of The Cross

  Better Then a Hallelujah

  Come To Jesus

  Watching You

  When No One will God Will

  He Is Walking Beside You

 An Evening Prayer

  HE Rose Again...

 Thistle Hair the Christmas Bear

  The Fathers Love Letter To You.

   That Is The Man I'm Looking For

   If You Never .... How Would you Know

  I Saw The Light

  God Only Cries For The Living

   My Hope Is In The Blood

  Chapel In The Moon Light

  Don't Forget To Pray....

 What A Day That Will Be...

  Somewhere I Will Be Listening

  When We All Get To heaven

  This is Not My Home

  A Crippled Boys Prayer...

 Echo's From The Burning Bush

 Lily Of The Valley

  Hammers And Nails ....

  Mom I Owe You Big

 Rock Of Ages !!!

  With Out HIM.....

   Softly And Tenderly...

  These Hard Working Hands....

  On The Rough Side Of The Mountain

 That Is Jesus....

  How Can You Refuse HIM Now????

  JESUS Has Conquered The Grave

  I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

     Yes.. HE Walked That Impossible Mile....

   One Lost Lamb, Here I am Lord...

   Jesus said you are Loved

    His Name Is Wonderful, Jesus my Lord

  Lets Go Down In The River To Pray...

   By HIS Wounds we Are Healed......

  There Is A Man In Here....

   Old Barns And Old People....

  Learning To Lean...

  Then  Jesus Came.....

    Touch The Hand Of The LORD

 Step Into The Water....

 In The Garden

   I Know I'm Born Again....

  Happy Birthday JESUS, by Burl Ives

  Mary's Little Boy Child

  Fall Softly Snow

 He Is The Shepherd Of my Valley

   I Want A Hippotamus For Christmas

  Christmas Don't be Late (The Chipmunks)

  Thanks To GOD for My Redeemer.....

   Who Am I ?????

   I'm on The "Green Side Of The Grass" :-)

   I Know A Man Who Can.......

   Yes He Is Still Working On Me

   When Jack Daniels Meets John 3:16

  We Are One In The Spirit Of The Lord

    The Tramp On The Street...

   You Can Call Any Time On His Royal telephone

   Everyone Needs A Little...

 Heaven Is So Far Away Said the Little Girl

  Peace In The Valley..

   How Deep Is The Sea That ???

   All You Have To Do Is Reach Out To JESUS.......

  When Your at Your last Thread of Hope, There Is JESUS!!!

   Grandpa Tell Me About ----

  God Is Bigger Then Any Mountain....

    Love Has A Place

   Put On The Garment Of Praise

  Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone

   When Sin Meets Grace

  My Heart Beats There Too...

  His Eye Is On The Sparrow

   When God Dips His Pen of Love In My Heart...

   A Little For A Change (Hope You Get  A Smile)

   All I Have Is Yours...

   Don't Blink You'll Miss It...

   I'm Felling Mighty Fine...

   I Believe In A Hill Called MT.CALVARY

  This is a Legend Of The Dogwood Tree
( Not all legends are true)

   By Power Of Your Love....

  GOD Made Them All !!!

  Splendor Of The Cross

 The Face of Love

 If JESUS Came To Your House...

 One Set Of Foot Prints In The Sand...  

 Because HE Lives I Can ...

  JESUS Is Turning The Windmill...

   Heavens Just A Sin Away...  

 All My Best Friends Remember Me This Way

 You Ought To See The Baby From Bethlehem Now!!

 HE Loved Me With A Cross

  There Is A New KID In Town

 Happy Birthday JESUS.....

 I have a Lot to be Thankful for even if my coats is made of rags

  God Will Be There When We Need Him

   Yes I'm Satisfied how the Lord is working on me!!  

  HE Is Always There For You !!!

 I Love Those Butterfly Kisses

  Be Careful Of the Stones You Throw....

  HIS Hand in mine....

 No I do Not Do Windows!!!

  Watch as it is written Just Because your Special...  

I'm Gonna Sit On The Porch And....

 Consider The Lilies.....

  Hand Prints On The Wall....

  A Beautiful Life :-)  

 What is Your Alabaster Box Worth???  

  Is This English???? A Lesson????  

 The Farmer And The LORD..   

 God Loves To Talk With Little Boys....

  In My Father's House ....  

  But I Do It Anyway  

  How To Stay Healthy...LOL

  God Is Watching Us  

  Don't Worry Trust JESUS...  

  GOD Bless America Again  

   Your Key Is Hanging On A Nail... 

  You Must Have Faith to Believe....

What Part Of Love You Don't Understand?  

  Honor these Heroes this Memorial Day  

  This Blessing Is For You  

  The Little Brown Church in Wildwood  

 Who Needs A baby Sitter Anyway??

 The Carpenter's Tools


 What We Will Be, We Will Be..

  Remember Me.....  

 Walk With A Friend Today

  When HE Was On The Cross........

 He Grew The Tree, He Knew.....

  Go Light Your World.....  

 Friendship How Sweet It Is....  

 Look At All The Joyful Things About You......  

 Five Ways GOD Uses Problems...   

 Yes Our Friends Can Be In Heaven With Us  

Just a Wonderful Reminder of Who we are With GOD.  

 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks...  

  The Police Stopped My Car

  My Name Is Christmas Carole......  

 Just How Big Are You???  

  Because Of HIS Love.....  

   A Salute For Our Troops And Veterans 

  When My Children Pray  

 Just Consider What You Have Around You  

  Thank You With All My Heart  

 Thank You GOD for My Christian Home  

  The Buzzard, The Bat, The Bumble Bee  

   JESUS is Our Light House

 Yes Kittens can come heaven...  

  Psalm 23 In The Work Place  

  What Is a Clay ball worth??  

 Who Should Read the Bible???  

 Who Is The Susie In Your Life???

 Always Think With Your Heart...

 Last Respects... Who was in the Coffin????

  Why I Follow JESUS....  

 A Mother's Day Wish For All Mothers  

 Traveling On Your Knees  

 Someone Cares For You   

 The Children Of Israel???  

 YoU in JesUs, and YoUr There.  

 Letters From Children To The Pastor  

 Yes There is A Heaven and a Hell..

 Always Speak Kindly ....  

 Yes HE Is Maker Of All  

  Our Friendship Garden...  

    Live A Life That Matters... 

 Drink, Steal, Swear, Lie... Rules to live by  

 My Christmas Wish For You..  

 Jesus Lives Next To Me...  

 Who Do You Pray For???  

 Yes There Are Brighter Tomorrows..  

Is ........

  God provided His Pharmacy before He Made Man!  

 How Can Two Horses Teach us about following GOD??  

 The Ill Fitting Boots :-)  

 Where Is The Saftest Place You Can Be ????  

  Do You Like Burnt Toast??? 

 A love Letter From Jesus 

 Yes We Can Have A Second Chance  

 What is Puppy Size /Sighs?  

 God Made It Just For You  

 A Wicker Basket Tells The Story  

 There Is No Mistakes With GOD!   

 You Haven't Failed You Just ....  

 What does your sponge tell about you??  

 Just who are poor or the really rich PEOPLE??  

 You Usually Feel Smarter, when the other person makes the mistake  

 You Just Don't Know that ....  

 Just A Hug Would Do!  

  Learn To Forgive  

   A Good Woman Is.... 

 The Final Recall Notice!!  

 Your Are Special To ME!!  

 Yes Easter Can Be Everyday  

 The Angel At The Bus Stop!!  

 Father I Have A Problem...  

   Can Burdens Give Us Wings?? 

  You Have To Start With Yourself 

  I Believe that....  

 Beginning Today I Will--   

 HE Was a Stranger  

   What Can A Hug Do?? 

  Yes, I was "Made New" 

 Light Up Your Christmas Tree  

 Do You Remember Grandmas Apron?  

 Love Casts out Rejection

 Don't Be A Garbage Truck!!  

 They Sat Side By Side   

 Three Things in Life That....  

 Prayers must be Prayed to be Prayers  

 Just For Today I Will....  

 Life is too Short So Just Dance Slow  

 As We Walk in This Valley...  

 God Can Lead the Way,

 Father Are You There??  

 Memories can Be GODS Gift 

 Be Still, Hear The Lord.  

 The Other Side 

 Look To This Day  

 Just Be
Your Self

 A Mother Asked....?  

 Never Have To Say I'm Sorry

 Life is Like a Cup of Hot Chocolate

 HE is GOD !!!!

 Teach The Children....

 Thank You LORD !!!  

 The Choice's I Make Effects My Day

 Make The Best of It...

 Listen to JESUS' Whisper

 I Didn't know HIS Love..  

 The Story Of Grandma's Hands  

 Lord Your just what I need  

 Here's a good answer when ....   

 What Is A Mouse Trap to Me?  

 LORD Remind Me ...  

 Your Invited To a Birthday Party  

JESUS Is always better then Santa

 How To Have A Blessed Day  

 A Child's Prayer  

 Dust If You Must But...  

    Can You Sleep When The Wind Blows? 

 Just Keep Smiling  

 Just Don't Quit  

 Just Five More Minutes  

 Are There Really Any Barbers?  

 The Title Of a Mother  

  The Silent Sermon  

   The Final Inspection  

 My Philosophy of Housecleaning!  

 What Can You Do???  

 The Train Of Life  

   I Taught My Child To....  

  A Cub Scout's Prayer 

 A Recipe For the New Year  

 I Had a DRUG Problem...  

 The Will Of GOD will Never....  

 A Week Of Prayer  

 The Spider Web GOD Sent   

 Change Me Lord !!!  

 The Love Scars Of Life  

 Look around at all our priceless Gifts.  

 There is a True Friend for you.  

 Things an old farmer told me..  

 America The Beautiful ???  

  A Small Prayer Of Thanks  

   Things I Learned From Mom 

 The Incomparable Christ

 I Loved You Enough, To Have You Hate Me  

 He Sends Guardian Angels.

 This Is SOUL Food...  

  But I don't Fit in.....  

  Ten Angels Follow Me... 

  GOD Gave Me..... 

  What Is Love? Ask A Child  

 The Road Of Life   

  A Letter To A Man On Death Row.  

  Forgiveness & Memories 

  Why Do Mothers Cry ?? 

 Here is a Secret you can share !!!  

 What Is The Most Important Body Part???   

 I Reach For YOUR Hand

  This Is Good !!!  

 I Give To You.....   

Thank You LORD for Your many blessings  

 A Simple Hug Can...  

But One Man Didn't  

 I choose the Fruit of the Spirit  

  Ten Commandments For The Tongue  

 The Word Valentine In John 3:16??  

 Come To Jesus  

 A Lesson To Be Learned Here.. 

 How Do You Spend Your Time??  

 Beatitudes For The Home  

 10 Rules For A Happy Day

 Directions to HIS House !!  

  Some Rules of Life ...  

Do You Use All Your Strength???   

 With Love There Is.... 

 You Are Worthy  

  LORD Sometimes You....  

 LORD ,,You And I Dance?? 

  Parable Of The Rose 

  Yesterday I Met A Stranger!!!

 The Great Physician 

 I Know LORD, But... 

   Just Continue To Your Goal  

 20 Things To Think About 

 Why Do I Follow JESUS?? 

 You Are ??? When You 

 My Never Again List  (FUN!!!) 

 On The Wings Of A Prayer 

 I Stunk As An Onion 

The Heart Of A Child 

  If Satan Coulda / he Woulda 

 Thank You For Your Time

  Yes, GOD Knows

 A Blessed
 Mother is.... 

 There May Be No Tomorrow !! 

   You Are A Keeper!! 

And Still
HE Walked!!!

 Foot Steps To Live By.. 

 Political Correctness for Teens 

Corinthians 13 Housekeeper 

You are a "Sweet Tater" 

 The Lord's Prayer In Perspective 

You Are Worth It !!! 

Twenty Why's to Ask Yourself 

The Rain On The windshield has a message??

60 Things Someone May Be Thinking 

Are You Ready For Christmas?? 

 Check Your "Be"Attitudes

 Thank You LORD For.... 

 Be Careful How You Judge Others 

 The Third Man Is My LORD 

 They Should teach teach abstinence 

 JESUS Is My Everything 

 Dear Heavenly Father, I have a problem.... 

What you say, & What GOD Says 

The King's Insurance Company 

 The Plights of a Pastor

 How a Penny Can Make You Think !

 What is GOD using your Problems for??

 The More I think about it I'm SO BLESSED 

 A Letter From GOD to His Child 

 Why Go To Church??? 

 In The Valleys Is Where I Grow 

 Never Give Up if there is No answer 

 How Do You Carry Your Burdens?? 

 Over A Hundred Truths About Jesus 

 Could These  Be The 11-20 Commandments? 

He's A Child Of GOD !!! 

 Have You yelled to your children to GROW UP! 

 Remember Me By My Footprints??

"You Took My Place"

 An Angel gives a Hug from GOD. 

The Jelly Bean Prayer 

What Would JESUS Do???? 

 Did You Know This About a Dollar Bill?? 

 Edith and The Easter Story 

 I Dreamt I Went To Heaven 

 "Jesus Loves Me" Lyrics For Seniors. 

What You Thought??????? 

 Do Not Open Your Mouth When..... 

Are You Carrying Rags? (Burdens) 

 "..Made HE a Woman..

GOD'S Emergency Numbers

 It Is What You Choose To Do 

 We Are Different as Railroads are different 

Dangers of instant messages

How Far Is Heaven???
(the words and the  music)

Nothing But The Blood Of JESUS 

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